A New Breed of Blends

Today's woman are strong and beautiful just like our equine friends.  The world is full of diversity and we come in many breeds, as well as, many skin types.  We here at Deep River Estates believe in using the best of what nature gives us to stay young and to fight the aging process.  Our love for our four legged friends and our farm life living gave us the vision of how women can be tough and beautiful and still look young.

We have formulated the perfect synergy of natural and organic plant derived ingredients for every skin type.  Like each breed of horse we are all different.  We have created 7 different collections that meet a variety of skin care needs.



Our Story

Over the years I have studied the ingredients in many skin care lines and each line had something it specialized in yet only affected the top layer of your skin.  Most product lines carry man made ingredients or unhealthy chemicals and preservatives while the organic or bio-dynamically farmed ingredients was missing the delivery system that went beyond the outer layer to  prevent the signs of aging. There was something missing...I wanted a line that carried all of the special plant based ingredients, natural and organic, working in synergy, yet still carrying the top anti-aging ingredients that nature had to offer.  Peptides, Silk Amino Acids, Stem Cells, Vitamins A, C & E and much more.

My love inspiring women who are strong, athletic and beautiful and my passion for horses inspired me to create a line just for women who work hard, love nature and want to look young.

Meet the Team

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Sarah McAllister

Founder & CEO

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Elise with Tommy

Elise McAllister

Vice President

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Sierra Prater


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